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    Oregon Knife Show Display Award Knives 2016

  • The display award knives are special awards given for the best displays at the Oregon Knife Show. The blades were made from a pattern by Raymond Ellingsen & Gene Martin.

    The steel used is 1095 and the blade is a Trade knife pattern in keeping with our theme for the 2016 Show which is Prussian Style trade knives.  Gene Martin is orchestrating this event and oversaw the laser cutting of the blanks. http://www.customknife.com/

    The displays that are generated at the Oregon Show are museum quality displays and deserve the finest of awards for their efforts.

    It is planned to judge the knives that are being donated to this event.



    Grinding 2011


    Trade Knife pattern 

    The blank


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    The Knives 


    Gene Martin Trade Knife 

    Provision Forge
    Gene Martin - Williams, Oregon

    Gene's rendition of the trade knife pattern closely follows the blank design in addition to the Prussion style it was patterned off of. The furniture is made from Nickel Silver and the handles are from stabilized curly oak. bladesmith@customknife.com  - www.customknife.com  Gene can be found at table Q10.


    Diaz Trade Knife 


    Diaz Tools
    Jose' Diaz  - Ellensburg Washington

    Jose' has been a long time supporter of the Oregon Knife Collectors. This pattern was not familiar to him and presented him with some interesting knife maker challenges. It is exquisitely done and features micarta handles and the tasteful use of pins that were given to him by Sally Martin. The blade was heat treated to RC58-59. http://diaztools.com/ Jose' has table R08 at the April Show.


    David Kurt Trade Knife


    David Kurt Handmade Knives
    David Kurt - Molalla Oregon

    The handle on David's knife is dyed stabilized camel bone. The bolsters are brass as are the pins and liners. The blade is heat treated to HRC 58-60 and has been hand rubbed  to a satin finish. You can go to his web site at http://dkurtknives.com/ and you can see David at table I07 at the April Show.


    Theo Eichorn


    Theo Eichorn Knives
    Theo Eichorn - Grants Pass Oregon

    The handle on this trade knife enhancement is exquisitely finished with a golden yellow color Osage Orange combined with a reddish colored Granadillo wood. The combination of these woods is striking. Theo chose brass fittings to accent the handles and a bird's eye thong hole for the brass cap. The hamon on this knife is bold, beautiful and well defined. Theo Eichorn Knives can be found on Facebook or visit him at the Show at table K07


    Bryan Wages trade knife-


    Lifer Knives
    Bryan Wages - Eugene OR

    The highlight to this rendition is the Micarta handles that Bryan used from the chunk of genuine Micarta that was given the OKCA. The sculpting of the curves brings out the layering that goes into the making of the material. The blade is a convex grind with a melted spine. The handles are secured using stainless tube fasteners. This knife is posted on our Facebook page. Web page http://liferknives.com/  See Bryan at table B11 at the April Show.


    Gray Griffin trade knife-


    Griffin Knives
    Gary Griffin - Bend Oregon

    Gary's rendition is very interesting starting with the use of a stabilized burl redwood handle with brass pins and an antiqued nickel silver bolster. Gary has made a stylized "Spanish notch" at the base of the blade. The blade is fascinating which is an antiqued blade with differential temper (This is his secret on the pattern) The knife is hardened 58-59 RC. Look for Gary Griffin on our Facebook page and at the Show at table D04.


    Steve Goddard Trade Knife


    Steve Goddard Knives
    Steve Goddard - Eugene Oregon

    Mustard patina antique finishes are the current finishes that Steve enjoys doing these days. In addition to the blade, Steve used 1095 as a bolster material and used his mustard patina finish on the bolster. The wood handle is Bocote. Steve can be found at our Show at table N10.


    Blair Todd


    Blair Todd Knives
    Blair Todd - Gresham Oregon

    This knife is made from 1095 carbon steel that has been forge welded into a key hole integral bolster. The handle is African Blackwood with nickle silver pins. A hamon was created by coating the spine with clay during the heat treating process. Todd has a website at www.btoddknives.com - You will find him at table S07 at the Oregon Knife Show.


    Stedlin Knives


    Stedlin Blades
    Sterling Radda - Grants Pass Oregon

    Sterling is by far the youngest knife maker in our organization. His mastery of making knives is unexcelled. The enhanced knife he did is an artistic creation of brass bolsters maintained with snakewood handles. Sterling can be seen at his website www.stedlinblades.com and has a table at the Oregon Show (L09)


    Jeremy Spake Trade Knife


    Jeremy Spake Handmade Knives
    Jeremy Spake - Portland Oregon

    The camera does not quite capture the cloudburst hamon in this 1095 blade. It must be handled and let the light play on it to realize the beauty. The bolster and end cap are reindeer antler with a 3700 year old piece of bog oak. Note the fiber spacers and the use of 01 drill rod pins. Jeremy has a web site at http://www.spakeknife.com   and can be found at table R07 at the April Show.


    Bob Crowder Trade Knife


    R. Crowder Knives
    Bob Crowder - Thompson Falls MT

    In Bob's inimitable way, he has used his signature Montana Big Horn Sheep horn for the handles of this unique knife. He has also given the handle a slight taper.The bolsters and handle pins are 416. The blade is hollow ground and the polish is superb. Bob can be found at table H07 at the Oregon April Show.


    Jim Jordan trade knife


    Curiosity Forge
    Jim Jordan - Junction City Oregon

    Jim has taken his blade to an historical local level in this enhancement. In Jim's own words, "The blade was edge quenched in Wayne Goddard's Goop three times, and triple tempered. The bolster was cast in place from lead free pewter. The scales are Ebony, treated with walnut oil. The handle design is a tribute to a Wendel Fox handle style on an old knife of his I picked up." This is a nice tribute to our organization and to the men that have added so much to our interest in knives.


    Cameron House trade knife


    Cameron House - Salem Oregon

    This exceptionally well done blade with a taper tang and the ornamental choil exemplifies the craftsman that is Cameron House . The sambar stag handles are exquisite and finished off with a nickel silver guard and pins. Cameron can be found at table F09 at the Oregon Show.


    Pat Wojciechowski Trade Knife


    Oaks Bottom Forge
    Pat Wojciechowski - Portland Oregon

    Oaks Bottom Forge uses a process of hand-hammering taper and bevel into their blades followed by finish grinding and edging. This knife was created from the starting trade knife blank in the same fashion and is handled in walnut with 24 karat gold & quartz inlay. A visit to his website will amaze - http://www.oaksbottomforge.com


    Craig Morgan Trade Knife


    Craig Morgan Handmade Knives
    Craig Morgan - Eugene Oregon

    Craig has taken the trade knife 1095 blank and transformed it into a beautiful knife with olive wood handles and dove tailed nickel silver bolsters. Craig is the president of the Oregon Knife Collectors and can be found cruising the Show in April.


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