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    Oregon Knife Show Display Award Knives 2017

  • The display award knives are special awards given for the best displays at the Oregon Knife Show. The blade blanks were made from a pattern by Gene Martin. The theme is paring knives. Paring knives can probably be found in every home USA. As popular as they are it was decided that we would put to task the knifemakers to come up with their own innovative ideas for this project.

    The steel used is O-1 and the blade is a paring knife pattern. Gene Martin is orchestrating this event and oversaw the laser cutting of the blanks. http://www.customknife.com/

    The displays that are generated at the Oregon Show are museum quality displays and deserve the finest of awards for their efforts.

    It is planned to judge the knives that are being donated to this event.



    Grinding 2011


    Paring knives

    The blanks

    Paring knife


    The Knives 



    Jim Jordan 

    Curiosity Forge
    Jim Jordan - Junction City Oregon

    In Jim's own words: "The blade was triple edge hardened in my version of Goddard's Goop. This was drawn back to a spring temper for ease of sharpening. The engraving is free-form vine style with black enamel fill hand engraved with a home made pneumatic engraver tool. The scales are Snakewood with copper blind screw rivets." Jim can be found in and around table M10 at the April Show.


    Bernard Ortiz

    Bernard Ortiz
    Brookings Oregon

    This creative rendition includes a presentation box of White Oak burl which has been ornately carved and bears a scrimshaw of a bine all done by Bernard. The knife handle is stabilized redwood burl and casted aluminite which makes a very colorful and ornate handle. Bernard can be found at table K16 in April. b.ortizknives@gmail.com

    David Kurt

    David Kurt Handmade Knives
    Molalla Oregon

    David has executed a modification of the original blank that is cleverly done. The paring knife has a black G-10 liner & bolster with a snake wood handle and brass pins. The flats are a satin finish. David Kurt can be found at table I07 at the April Show.  dkurtknives@aol.com


    John Coleman

    Slim's Custom Knives
    John "Slim" Coleman - Citrus Heights California

    Desert Ironwood is the handle material with a white bolster. The nickel silver pins that hold the handle are functional but moreso ornamental in this rendition of the paring knife display award. John can be found at the Oregon Show at table J16. slimsknifes@yahoo.com


    Jeff Murison

    Jeff Murison
    North Plains OR

    This is a very creative rendition of the paring knife blank. Jeff has utilized a nickel silver bolster and end cap that house a handle made from Kirinite Lava. Kirinite Lava is high grade quality acrylic which is the gold standard of grip and handle materials. The blade was etched and parkerized. Jeff can be found at table S04 at the April Show. murisonenterprises@gmail.com


    Gary Griffin

    Griffin Made Knives
    Gary Griffin - Bend Oregon

    Gary used amber dyed camel bone for the handle slabs, nickel silver pins - center pin has a brass tube / nickel pin. The blade has been differentially tempered and has been distressed to add contrast to the hand polished blade bevels. Gary can be found at table D04.  http://griffinmadeknives.synthasite.com/


    Sterling Radda


    Stedlin Custom Blades
    Sterling Radda - Grants Pass Oregon

    In 2009 at age 13 Sterling started making knives from old files. For the last few years he has been making a knife for the OKCA display awards. Sterling has added his artistic talent to this paring knife. The handle is a dyed and stabililized Maple burl. The bolster is textured brass. The mosaic pins are from Sally Martin. Sterling has table L09 at the Oregon Show. www.stedlinblades.com

    Gene Martin


    Provision Forge
    Gene Martin - Williams Oregon

    Gene was the one that designed this knife for our display awards at the Oregon Show. His O-1 blade has a handle of vibrant blue honeycomb material and nickel silver bolsters. Of course the pins are by Sally Martin. Gene can be found at table Q11 and a table next to him is Sally Martin. www.customknife.com


    Theo Eichorn


    Theo Eichorn Knives
    Theo Eichorn - Grants Pass Oregon

    When it comes to simplistic, elegant, functionality and durabilty, this knife has it all. The grip fits the hand with its contours and should stand up with heavy use with its micarta handle. Theo can be found at table K07 at the April Show. www.facebook.com/TheoEichornKnives/


    Blair Todd


    B Todd Custom Knives
    Blair Todd - Gresham Oregon

    A knife by inspiration.Blair took hood ornaments from classic cars, shortened the blade to get a longer handle and went with an all metal construction. The idea was to compliment the classic shapes from the 1930's - 1950's.The blade is O-1 with a mustard patina on all surfaces. The handle is copper and brass with 4 brass pins. Blair can be found at table S07. http://www.btoddknives.com


    Steve Goddard


    Steve Goddard - Eugene Oregon

    Steve has created a beautiful paring knife with Osage Orange wood handles. The bolsters are mokume and exhibit a beautiful array of color. The back of the blade has been file worked to give this knife an excellent cosmetic appearance. Steve Goddard can be found at table N10 at the April Show.


    Bryan Wages


    Bryan Wages - Eugene Oregon

    Micarta material is not always available in what a maker wants for a knife. Therefore Bryan makes his own micarta which can be seen on this paring knife. This knife has green linen micarta custom handles , with yellow PVC liners, stainless tubing fasteners, flat ground/convex edge and a tumbled finish. Look for Bryan at table B11 at the Oregon Show.  http://liferknives.com/knives/   https://www.facebook.com/liferknives/


    Jeremy Spake


    Spake Handmade Knives
    Jeremy Spake - Portland Oregon

    This knock out paring knife has a modified blade and the handle wood and execution is over the top. It is exhibition grade koa, donated for this knife by Steve Hughes of Shelton Pacific. The wood is fantastic and Jeremy has accented the wood with a series of nickel silver pins. The liners are .01 vulcanize fiber. You can find Jeremy at table R07. jeremy@spakeknife.com  - http://www.spakeknife.com/


    Cameron House 

    Cameron House - Salem Oregon

    This is a beautiful show piece paring knife creatively done. The handles consist of blue Corian and pearl scales with 416 stainless bolsters. See Cameron at the Oregon Show at table F09.


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